Ginger (Zingiber officinalis) is a very useful remedy for travel sickness and morning sickness.

Ginger has been used traditionally to alleviate nausea caused by travel sickness, sea sickness or morning sickness in pregnancy. Ginger is a warming herb that helps with poor circulation and gives relief to feverish colds. It helps to settle the stomach and improves a sluggish digestion, colic or flatulence. Helps in cold rheumatic and arthritic conditions. This tincture is 1:2 which is very concentrated so do not take without diluting first. Not advisable to take if you have peptic ulcers or are taking blood thinning drugs, consult your health professional before taking ginger if you are taking any other medicines.

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Ginger is helpful in many digestive complaints such as colic, wind, indigestion and general nausea. Ginger's antiseptic properties may make it useful for gastrointestinal infections and some types of food poisoning. Ginger stimulates circulation helping to make blood flow to the surface of the skin, this is why it has traditionally ben used to treat chillblains and poor circulation in the hands and feet. Ginger is soothing and warming in respiratory conditions such as colds and flu.