Yellow Basilicon Ointment

Yellow Basilicon is a traditional drawing ointment made to the original recipe. Useful for gardeners, builders, carpenters, metal workers, fencers, clumsy DIY'ers, infact anyone likely to get splinters or thorns embedded in themselves for one reason or another. It has also been used to remove embedded items from animal paws read more here Click here now to find out what people are saying about it!

Yellow Basilicon Ointment is a drawing ointment for removing splinters, thorns and stings. Some of our customers have also found it effective on boils and pimples. Useful also when massaged into dry cracked finger ends that struggle to heal.
Yellow Basilicon Ointment contains: Yellow Beeswax, Colophony, Olive oil and Lard.


A drawing ointment
is a substance that when applied to a splinter, infection, boil or sting is able to somehow remove it. The drawing part may refer to the removal or drawing out of something that is internal like a spirit or evil as a lot of these things may have their roots in medieval times. When a drawing ointment is applied people can experience a sort of throbbing of the area, as if the body trying to flush off the drawing ointment and in so doing remove the offending infection or thorn/sting. Both beeswax and pine resin are materials that have antiseptic properties,this makes sense since beeswax is used to build the inner part of a beehive and pine resin is released by a tree when it is damaged. Interestingly beeswax probably has a certain amount of propolis in it which is a resinous material collected from trees and then altered by their digestive system to serve as a very useful sterilising agent which is placed in certain positions in the hive that may be subject to contamination, e.g. the way into the hive and any cracks in the hive where the weather could get in.


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5 x 50ml
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